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The Product Ranges

The current PHL AUDIO professional range consists of 6 families of products : 6.5", 8", 10", 12", 15" and 18".

Within each family,

loudspeakers are ranked in different ranges defined by their frequency domain or their functionality :

  • B for Bass driver
  • E for low-midrange Extended driver
  • M for Medium driver
  • and C for loudspeaker equipped for Coaxial mounting of a HF compression driver
Every PHL AUDIO loudspeaker is provided with :
  • a UV and humidity proof mechanical basis (over 200 hours of salt fog withstanding)
  • a patented heat extracting device called INTERCOOLER SYSTEM® which improves the power handling capacity by over 20% and drastically reduces thermal compression, allowing a 3"voice coil to handle as much power as a conventional 4"one
  • a flux demodulation ring magnet system which divides by 3 the harmonic distortion in the low frequency domain and reduces the inductance modulation by 50%, leading to dynamic and stable sound quality
  • a fully impregnated and treated mobile assembled set that ensures accurate and clear sound even at full sound pressure level - no acoustical clipping, no sonic fading with humidity or at cold or hot temperatures even after long duration storage
  • an industrial manufacturing process under full quality control to guarantee consistency to initial sample parameters and long life reliability at an exceptionally low failure rate.
  • a 3 year warranty period according to general warranty conditions
The main advantages provided by PHL AUDIO loudspeakers are :
  • a sonic quality immediately recognisable after the first seconds of listening
  • a very open and clear sound, even at loud levels
  • the possibility of designing compact and light weight enclosures - generally 30% less volume than usually with the same low frequency extension
  • a high parameter consistency to initial samples from batch to batch
  • high UV and humidity resistance on every model
  • high reliability ensuring long life duration
  • low failure rates

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