Frequently Asked Questions

This particular shape results from the following requirements

  • our wish for the fastening holes not to be situated too near the enclosure mounting hole edge, first to avoid wood splintering and second to leave enough clearance to position the grip-nuts properly
  • to make the basket design compact enough to fit into little space
  • to enable several drivers to be fitted as close as possible together

The hexagonal basket shape with its fastening ears has been part of the PHL Audio signature from the very beginning.

Because all PHL Audio drivers are designed to bring competitive advantages to your products:

  • high reliability and long life duration in real operating conditions (including humidity and cold climates)
  • ultimate sounding even at very high sound pressure levels
  • powerful and compact systems made possible by advanced performance drivers

Choosing PHL Audio drivers which are designed and manufactured under high quality standards may allow your clients to save time and cost, by making the necessity for driver replacement less frequent. The design of compact and light powerful sound reinforcement systems enables your clients to save time and money for setting up and taking off during touring concerts and events, and to obtain a rapid return on their investments

The choice of PHL Audio drivers improves the freedom and capacity of your system design :

  • by giving you the possibility of taking advantage of PHL Audio's continuously upgraded advanced technology thanks to our active partnership in carefully listening to your requirements
  • by the customization possibilities offered through access to our full technical support service
  • thanks to our simple and efficient sample policy

The choice of PHL Audio secures your system manufacturing profit thanks to the Quality Assurance Mastery of our products which implies:

  • the assurance of batch after batch delivery with 100% of the parts conform to specifications
  • acknowledgments of orders and full respect of delivery dates
  • the flexibility and fast reaction of our dynamic structure

Any drivers from the standard range offered by PHL Audio can be obtained as samples. This policy does not apply to OEM prototypes. For information on OEM prototype policy, please contact us.

We realize that a speaker system manufacturer cannot buy every new driver which comes out on the market. At the same time, we want to offer the opportunity to evaluate each PHL Audio driver without hesitation.

We have, therefore, developed the following Sample Policy.

  1. Your sample request is in fact a formal commercial order to be issued in writing with a P.O. number.
  2. You pay for the drivers according to your regular payment terms.
  3. The sample drivers - whether in working or non-working order (see § 4) - can be returned to PHL Audio, freight prepaid, within 10 weeks following original shipment (date of invoice) and are then credited on your customer account (no cash refunds).
  4. A driver which is returned in non-working order will be credited to your account on receipt of your test report describing the extreme conditions of use and/or tests of the driver, enabling us to further improve our products.
  5. Sample drivers that you keep will be credited at full value when you order twelve similar models for production (1sample free for 12 similar items ordered).

i.e: You have paid for 2 samples of the 970Nd. You decide to order 24 other 970Nd. 2 items will automatically be deducted from the total amount of this order.

Our sample policy can be summed up as follows. You do not pay for a sample as long as you return it to the factory within 10 weeks or as long as you choose it for production.

All our products are REACH / RoHS compliant.